Bug-a-Palüza 17 Is Over

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers, participants, vendors, and spectators for making Bug-a-Palüza 17 a success!

Join us again for Swap-a-Palüza, held September 19-20, 2015 at Camp Jordan in East Ridge, TN.

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Congratulations to all of our show winners. If you won a trophy and were not present to pick it up, please contact us to make arrangements to get it.

1. Beetle Early - Stock 1949-1957
1st PlaceJoel Johnson1957 Black Beetle
2nd PlaceRobert Baker1956 Beetle Silver
3rd PlaceArthur Griffith1957 Beetle Gray
2. Beetle Early - Custom 1949-1957
1st PlaceClay Poole1956 Polar Silver Beetle
2nd PlacePeter Clukey1957 Blue Beetle
3rd PlaceBobby Chadwick1952 Orange Beetle
3. Beetle Mid - Stock 1958-1967
1st PlaceChris Eanes1964 Sea Blue Beetle
2nd PlaceBrian Behr1966 Light Green Beetle
3rd PlaceMark Phillips1965 White Beetle
4. Beetle Mid - Custom 1958-1967
1st PlaceMark Phillips1958 Green Beetle
2nd PlaceMichael Kern1964 Red Beetle
3rd PlaceRandall Daniels1966 Purple Beetle
5. Beetle Late Stock 1968-1979
1st PlaceKen Johnson1973 Yellow Beetle
2nd PlaceKelly Phillips1968 White Beetle
3rd PlaceLinda Ferguson1974 Dark Cherry Beetle
6. Beetle Late Custom - 1968-1979
1st PlaceJoseph Griffey1969 Red Beetle
2nd PlaceDonald Hood Jr1972 Green Beetle
3rd PlacePaul Torp1974 Pink Beetle
7. Super Beetle - Stock
1st PlaceBruce Eanes1971 Green Beetle
2nd PlaceJeff Tallent1972 Orange Beetle
3rd PlaceTimothy Samuelson1974 Marina Blue Beetle
8. Super Beetle - Custom
1st PlacePaul Torp1971 Green Beetle
2nd PlaceScott Wilson1974 Metallic Blue Beetle
3rd PlacePatrick Turner1975 Red Beetle
9. Beetle and Super Beetle Cabriolet - Stock
10. Beetle and Super Beetle Cabriolet - Custom
1st PlaceJames Steele1966 Gulf Blue Beetle
2nd PlaceTom Wilson1971 Red Beetle
3rd PlaceMark Yearwood1977 Red Beetle
11. Type 2 Campers - All Years
1st PlaceJonathan Norton1969 Blue/White Westy
2nd PlaceJames Bender1975 Green/White Westy
3rd PlaceLukas Howlett1973 Orange Westy
12. Type II Transporter & Truck Early
1st PlaceGeorge Beeler1958 Orange/Silver Single Cab
2nd PlaceSteve Thompson1964 Blue/Cream Kombi
3rd PlaceClayton Poole1966 White Single Cab
13. Type II Transporter & Truck Late
1st PlaceGeorge Walcott1979 Teal/White Bus
2nd PlaceNancy Maxwell1978 Orange/Tan Bus
3rd PlaceAmanda Clark1968 Red/White Bus
14. Type II - Custom
1st PlaceJack Denton1963 Turquoise/White
2nd PlaceLeslie McKaig1969 White Truck
3rd PlaceTrenda Williams1977 Gray Primer
15. Type III & Type IV - Stock and Custom
1st PlaceMaurice McDonald1971 Blue Fastback
2nd PlaceEdward King1969 Green/White
3rd PlaceLuke Johnson1971 Red Squareback
16. Thing - Stock
1st PlaceCindy Breeden1973 Orange Thing
2nd PlaceHarley Winkleback1973 Tan Thing
3rd PlacePaul Newby1973 Thing
17. Thing - Custom
1st PlaceJoe Pitney1974 Blue Thing
2nd PlaceTom Jones1973 Orange Thing
3rd PlaceTommy Jones1974 White Thing
18. Karmann Ghia Coupe - Stock
1st PlaceSteve Speer1974 Maroon Karmann Ghia
2nd PlaceTony Schuler1969 Orange Karmann Ghia
3rd PlaceCindy Breeden1972 Orange Karmann Ghia
19. Karmann Ghia Convertible - Stock
1st PlaceJack Denton1968 White Karmann Ghia
20. Karmann Ghia - Custom
1st PlaceMeredith Harrison1963 Black Karmann Ghia
2nd PlaceMarilyn Carrington1972 Red Karmann Ghia
3rd PlaceChris1968 Silver/Copper/Black Karmann Ghia
21. Air-Cooled Daily Driver - 1967 and Older
1st PlaceTera Harrell1967 Green Beetle
2nd PlaceG. Thomas1957 Gold Beetle
3rd PlaceDrew Feinauer1967 Red Beetle
22. Air-Cooled Daily Driver - 1968-1979
1st PlaceJohn Lehmberg1969 Red Beetle
2nd PlaceAlec Binns1971 Red Beetle
3rd PlacePaul Bush1972 Yellow Super Beetle
23. Rail Buggy - Street
1st PlaceJimmy Hardy1960 Blue Rail
2nd PlaceClifford Lynch2012 Purple/Blue Rail
3rd PlaceWarner Powers1971 Yellow Rail
24. Rail Buggy - Off Road
1st PlaceDaniel Johnson1969 Blue Rail
2nd PlaceKenneth Thacker1969 Orange Rail
3rd PlaceWilburn Hall1965 Red Rail
25. Baja and Off-Road
1st PlaceJeremy Edwards1965 Blue Baja
2nd PlaceRonnie Whiteport1974 White Baja
3rd PlaceClifford Lynch1969 Blue Baja
26. Dune Buggies
1st PlaceRalph Gwaltney1967 Black Dune Buggy
27. Trikes
1st PlaceTim Fehl2002 Silver Road Hawk
28. Beaters/Hood Rides
1st PlaceKyle Ferrin1960 Green Beetle
2nd PlaceJohn King1965 Black Beetle
3rd PlaceMichael Stephenson1965 White Beetle
29. Volks Rods/Rat Rods
1st PlaceScott "Bubba" Roberts1959 Green/Black Volks Rod
2nd PlaceTim Elliott1967 Grey/Red Volks Rod
3rd PlaceGary Yarbrough1969 Black Volks Rod
30. Special Interest
31. International
1st PlaceKendall Fike1998 Mexi Beetle Silver
2nd PlaceTim Slogan1989 Golf Cabriolet
32. Kit Cars
1st PlaceDavid Carlson1966 Fiberfab Aztec 7
33. New Beetle
1st PlaceGreg Bemet2006 Red New Beetle
2nd PlaceJai Johnston1998 White New Beetle
3rd PlaceMichelle Ryskamp2002 Black New Beetle
34. Mk1-Mk2 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st PlaceBrian Stewart1992 Black Jetta
2nd PlaceKimberly Palmer1992 Green GTI
3rd PlaceCody Truelove1980 Green Rabbit
35. Mk3-Mk4 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st PlaceTami Byron1996 Harlequin Golf
2nd PlaceGene Carr1996 White GTI
3rd PlaceDave Haislop1998 Cabrio
36. Mk5-Mk6 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st PlaceTaylor Foxworth2009 Red GTI
2nd PlaceSteve Marr2012 Blue Golf
37. Corrado/Scirocco
1st PlaceAaron Eberhardt1992 Black Corrado
2nd PlaceSteve Marr1993 Black Corrado
38. Passat
1st PlaceZach Keller2008 Passat Wagon
2nd PlacePatrick Sutton2004 Passat Wagon
39. Vanagon/Eurovan
1st PlacePat Carper1985 Blue Vanagon
40. Current Production
1st PlacePhillip Triplett2015 Blue Golf
2nd PlaceMatthew Baggett2015 Gray Jetta
3rd PlaceJohnny Ewton2015 Blue Golf R

Best Sound System
Ronnie Frazier1973 Red Beetle
Best Camp Site
Mike and Geneva Saint-Armour1985 Vanagon High Top Camper
"It's Your Coal Truck"
Scott "Bubba" RobertsFront mounted VW engine in Rat Rod
"You Drove THAT From WHERE?" (The Daniel Helton Spirit Award)
Emily Berry1973 purple Thing lowered 8 inches with no top and no brakes, driven from Murfreesboro
Longest Distance Award
Joseph PeardonHawaii
Oldest VW in Attendance
Timothy Hayes1950 Brown Beetle
Engine Sound Off - Air Cooled
Kenneth ThackerRail Buggy
Engine Sound Off - Water Cooled
Jamie LovenRabbit Truck
Survivor Award
Arthur Griffith1957 Gray Beetle
Ladies' Choice
Marilyn Carrington1972 Candy Apple Red Karmann Ghia
Roughest VW Running
Nathan Tritt1954 Black Beetle, lowest scored show car
Club Participation Award
Air-Cooled Hooligans

Air-Cooled Best Engine
Clayton Poole1956 Polar Silver Beetle
Water-Cooled Best Engine
Phillip Triplett2015 Blue Golf
Air-Cooled Best Interior
Clayton Poole1956 Polar Silver Beetle
Water-Cooled Best Interior
Johnny Ewton2015 Blue Golf R
Air-Cooled Best Paint
Clayton Poole1956 Polar Silver Beetle
Water-Cooled Best Paint
Johnny Ewton2015 Blue Golf R
Air-Cooled Best Of Show
Clayton Poole1956 Polar Silver Beetle
Water-Cooled Best Of Show
Phillip Triplett2015 Blue Golf

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