Bug-a-Palüza 2023 Results!

Congratulations to all our winners! If you were not present to claim your trophy, please contact us to make arrangements. Trophies and prizes unclaimed over 90 days will be forfeited.

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1. Beetle Early – Stock 1949-1957
1st Place Kerri Carlson 1954 Type 1 L227 Strato Silver Blue
2nd Place Ed Beard 1951 Beige Beetle
3rd Place Mike Turner 11957 Beetle Coral Red
2. Beetle Early – Custom 1949-1957
1st Place Clay Poole 1956 BEETLE POLAR SILVER
2nd Place Astol Rodriguez 1957 Beetle Blue
3rd Place Bill Miller 1956 Beetle Green
3. Beetle Mid – Stock 1958-1967
1st Place Steve Hersker 1960 VW Beetle Red
2nd Place Phillis Christopher 1966 Volkswagen Green/White
3rd Place Maurice McDonald 1960 Beetle Dark Blue
4. Beetle Mid – Custom 1958-1967
1st Place Cate Culp 1967 Beetle Pink/Ivory Pearl
2nd Place Blake Parson 1960 Beetle Blue
3rd Place Rodney Culp 1963 Beetle Red
5. Beetle Late – Stock 1968-1979
1st Place Tony Ortiz 1973 Beetle Light Blue
2nd Place Stacy Beeler 1971 Super beetle Chrome yellow
3rd Place Hannah Howard 1968 Volkswagen Beetle Blue/White
6. Beetle Late – Custom 1968-1979
1st Place Stefan Schutte 1970 Beetle Green
2nd Place Glenn Young 1974 Beetle Blue / Black
3rd Place Logan Decker 1972 Beetle Blue/white
7. Super Beetle – Stock
1st Place Bruce Eanes 1971 Super Beetle Elm Green
2nd Place Corey Litchfield 1973 Super Beetle Yellow
3rd Place Kayla Mihalcik 1972 Super beetle Marina blue
8. Super Beetle – Custom
1st Place Patrick Turner 1975 Super Beetle Red
2nd Place Rick Casey 1973 Volkswagen Blue Shark
3rd Place Ramon Amador 1972 Super bettle Orange & Black
9. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles – Stock
1st Place Shelli James 1971 Beetle Convertible red
2nd Place Bill Snider 1979 Super Beetle Cabriolet Triple Black
3rd Place Alisdair Kinloch 1970 Convertible VW Beetle White
10. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles – Custom
1st Place Tim Lovvorn 1968 Convertible Blue
2nd Place Juan Waited 70 Convertible
11. Type II Campers
1st Place Serafin Jovet 1970 Westfalia Campmobile Vintage Pearl White with Stripes
2nd Place Mike Turner 1971 Type 2 camper Ivory
3rd Place Jonathan Norton 1969 Volkswagen Westfalia Type 2 Bus Blue and white
12. Type II Transporter & Truck Early
1st Place Matthew Tolbert 1961 Double cab Sealing wax red
2nd Place Chad Walker 1966 13 Window Deluxe Bus Lotus White
3rd Place Lee Hicks 1959 Volkswagen bus Green
13. Type II Transporter & Truck Late
1st Place George Walcott 1979 Transporter II Teal / White
2nd Place Paula Knuckles 1978 Transporter bus Pink
3rd Place Kierstyn Viola 1974 Transporter Red&White
14. Type II – Custom
1st Place Sidnei Hartof 1971 Vw bus /camper van Pearl/ red
2nd Place Tom Griffith 1971 Bus Patina – white
3rd Place Brent Fortwengler 1970 Type2 Most of them
15. Type III & Type IV – Stock and Custom
1st Place Chris Carson 1965 Type 3 Variant Velvet Green
2nd Place Mike Turner 1971 Type 3 squareback Ruby Red
3rd Place Yancy Galyon 1972 Square back
16. Thing – Stock
1st Place Oramae Layton 1973 VW Thing Whote
2nd Place Mike Turner 1774 Thing Orange
3rd Place Durant Arrington 1973 thing white
17. Thing – Custom
1st Place Astol Rodriguez 1974 Thing Turkis
2nd Place Justin Gilbert 1973 Thing Orange
3rd Place Julie Iles 1974 Thing Red
18. Karmann Ghia Coupe – Stock
1st Place Steve Sands 1966 Karmann Ghia Red
2nd Place Sam Suddarth 1964 Karmann Ghia Blue White top
3rd Place Tony Callahan 1969 Karmann Ghia Tangelo Orange Pearl
19. Karmann Ghia Convertible – Stock
1st Place Jack Denton 1968 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible White
2nd Place Jimy White 1971 Ghia Green
20. Karmann Ghia – Custom
1st Place Bruce Johnson 1967 Karmann Ghia Orange
2nd Place Rafael Centeno 1970 Karma ghia Grey
3rd Place Ariel Justiniano 1971 Karmann ghia Blue
21. Rail Buggy – Street
1st Place Axel Ortiz 1969 Beetle Rail Buggy Green
2nd Place Mac McDonald 1967 Rail buggy Black and. Red
3rd Place Kathy Haun 1969 Railbuggy Blue
23. Baja & Off-Road
1st Place Jeremy Edwards 1965 Beetle Baja Bug Blue
2nd Place David Pugh 1973 Volkswagen Beetle l White, Yellow, Black
3rd Place John Brannon Critchfield 1985 Volkswagen Type 183 (Iltis) Black
24. Dune Buggies
1st Place Randy Scoggins 1965 Dune Buggy Red
2nd Place Rick Swafford 1968 Meyers Manx Orange
3rd Place Richard Brodeur 1967 Dune Buggy
25. Trikes
1st Place Mike Pingetzer 2001 Trike Shop Road Hawk Redish
2nd Place Troy Hixson 1969 Trike black
26. Beaters
1st Place John Robertson 1958 Vw.bug Black
2nd Place Eric Bowman 1972 Bug White
3rd Place Ron Hillman 1963 Beetle Red
27. Hood Rides
1st Place Eddie Colon 1958 Ragtop Bug Blue
2nd Place Benjamin Cross 1962 Volkswagen Patina
3rd Place Anthony Lawson 1965 Type 1 White
28. Volks Rods
1st Place Joe Middleton 68 Volks Rod
2nd Place Stacy Rinehart 1964 volksrod pickup black
3rd Place Raul Cisneros 72 Beetle flat black
29. Special Interest
1st Place William Dickey 1968 Beetle Porsche lizard green.
2nd Place Sheri Snider 1995 Porsche 911/993 Cabriolet (Air Cooled) White
3rd Place Ricky Walker 2020 Volkspod Scooter (see scooter in attached picture) Panama Beige
30. Kit Cars
1st Place Donald Hood 1969 Berry mini t bucket Brandy wine
2nd Place David Basil 1937 Jaguar SS100 Beige
3rd Place Matt Densmore 72 Kit car Green
31. Radical Custom
1st Place Shane Helms 1972 Type 1 Custom Blue
2nd Place Francisco Hernandez 1976 brasilia
32. New Beetle
1st Place Roxanne Hillman 2017 Beetle Dune Convertible White
2nd Place James Hartline 1998 New Beetle Red
3rd Place Bobbijean Kisselburg 2013 Beetle / convertsble Gray/ black top
33. Mk1-Mk2 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Jimy White 1991 Cabbie Burgandy
2nd Place Douglas Kirchhofer 82 Rabbit Truck Yellow
3rd Place Christopher Allen 1981 Volkswagen Orange pearl
34. Mk3-Mk4 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Jimy White 2007 Jetta Yellow
2nd Place Juan Guerrero 2001 Vw golf Green with black
3rd Place Elizabeth Nelms 2001 Cabrio Green
35. Mk5-Mk6 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Richard Rabbett 2007 Jetta Yellow
36. Corrado/Scirocco
1st Place Brian Stewart 1987 Scirocco GTX Tornado Red
2nd Place Kelly Willich 1988 VW Scirocco 16v Black
3rd Place William Pranger 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v Tornado red
37. Passat
1st Place Heiko Vavris 1984 Quantum GL5 Biscaya blue metallic
38. Vanagon/Eurovan
1st Place Gregory Walter 1980 Vanagon Westfalia Blue
2nd Place Alex Bizzell 1984 Vanagon Westfalia Harvest Moon Beige/Campella White
3rd Place Nick Wilson 1991 Vanagon Synchro Westfalia Flash Silver Mettalic
39. Current Production
1st Place Michael Medlin 2015 Volkswagen CC Silver
Best Paint – Air-Cooled
Cate Culp 1967 Beetle Pink/Ivory Pearl
Best Paint – Water-Cooled
Richard Rabbett 2007 Jetta Yellow
Best Interior – Air-Cooled
Best Interior – Water-Cooled
Jimy White 1991 Cabbie Burgandy
Best Engine – Air-Cooled
Serafin Jovet 1970 Westfalia Campmobile Vintage Pearl White with Stripes
Best Engine – Water-Cooled
Douglas Kirchhofer 82 Rabbit Truck Yellow
Best of Show – Air-Cooled
Steve Hersker 1960 VW Beetle Red
Best of Show – Water-Cooled
Roxanne Hillman 2017 Beetle Dune Convertible White
Best Show Car Display
Bert Knupp 1971 Type 1 Police Sedan Green and white
Best Camp Site
Gregory Walter 1980 Vanagon Westfalia Blue
Best Sound System
Ramon Amador 1972 Super bettle Orange & Black
Engine Sound Off (Air-Cooled)
Noah Voils 1969 Bug Green/white
Engine Sound Off (Water-Cooled)
Cody Wilson 2013 Beetle– (Fender) edition Black
Oldest VW in Attendance
Ed Beard 1951 Beige Beetle
Longest Distance Award
Juan Gutierrez 1979 Transporter Tail from Joliet, IL
MST’s Choice
Ariel Justiniano 1971 Karmann ghia Blue
Ladies’ Choice
Mary Nelson 1973 Volkswagen Beetle White and Turquoise
Club Participation Award
Knox Dubz (45 members)
Transmission Giveaway
David Copeland
Front Beam Giveaway
T. Houghton
50/50 Raffle
Pete Gasser


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