Swap-a-Paluza 2019 - September 14, 2019

Bug-a-Palüza 21 Results!

Congratulations to all our winners! If you were not present to claim your trophy, please contact us to make arrangements. Trophies and prizes unclaimed over 90 days will be forfeited.

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1. Beetle Early – Stock 1949-1957
1st Place Jerry Gowin 1957 Beetle Black
2nd Place Francisco Flores 1957 Sedan Coral Red
3rd Place Kerri Carson 1954 Volkswagen Beetle Strato Silver
2. Beetle Early – Custom 1949-1957
1st Place Labron Holland 1951 bug yellow
2nd Place Ronnie Blake 1957 BEETLE OLIVE
3rd Place Astol Rodriguez 1957 Beetle Blue
3. Beetle Mid – Stock 1958-1967
1st Place Tammy Richter Jones 1965 Type I Bahama Blue
2nd Place Maurice McDonald 1960 Beetle Indigo Blue
3rd Place Raymond Driggers 1966 Beetle blue
4. Beetle Mid – Custom 1958-1967
1st Place David Carr 1958 Euro bug Pearl white
2nd Place Todd McWherter 1962 beetle ocean mist blue
3rd Place Dale Terrell 1960 Type 1 Blue/gold
5. Beetle Late – Stock 1968-1979
1st Place Luis Domenech 1970 beetle Red
2nd Place Linda Ferguson 1974 Standard Beetle Dark Cherry
3rd Place Jacob Walcott 1974 Beetle Red
6. Beetle Late – Custom 1968-1979
1st Place Paul Torp 1974 beeetle pink
2nd Place Scott Ostrow 1976 Beetle Anthracite
3rd Place John Owens 1974 Beetle Tan,with orange accents
7. Super Beetle – Stock
1st Place Bruce Eanes 1971 beetle green
2nd Place Pamela Wilson 1971 Super beetle Blue
3rd Place Kayla Mihalcik 1972 Super Beetle Marina Blue
8. Super Beetle – Custom
1st Place Paul Torp 1971 super beetle green
2nd Place Patrick Turner 1975 Super Beetle Red
3rd Place Maria Lyles 1972 Super Beetle Seafoam Green & White
9. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles – Stock
1st Place Brent Fortwengler 1970 Convertible Standard Bug Red
2nd Place Bill Snider 1979 Super Beetle Convertible Black
3rd Place Art vonWerssowetz 1977 Super Beetle Convertible
10. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles – Custom
1st Place Bruce Paul 1969 Beetle Convertible Tan
2nd Place Paul Torp 1970 beetle convertible green
3rd Place Tom Wilson 1971 bug conv. red
11. Type II Campers
1st Place Beverly Ogle 1969 VW Westfalia Multi
2nd Place Lukas Howlett 1973 Westy Orange
3rd Place Marilyn Jenkins 1973 transporter camper red
12. Type II Transporter & Truck Early
1st Place James Steele 1964 VW Doublecab Mango Green
2nd Place Mark Phillips 1962 single cab truck cream and bronze
3rd Place Henry Lewis 1964 Vw Bus Red and White
13. Type II Transporter & Truck Late
1st Place Kierstyn Viola 1974 Bus Multicolor
2nd Place George Walcott 1979 Transporter II Teal and White
3rd Place Joey Johnson 1974 bus orange and black
14. Type II – Custom
1st Place Brian and Amanda Koontz 1969 Volkswagen Type II Bus Multi-colored
2nd Place Sandra Denton 63 volkswagen double cab truck red and black
3rd Place Bill Cunningham 1973 VW Bus Bright Green
15. Type III & Type IV – Stock and Custom
1st Place Tim Hardesty 1966 Squareback White
2nd Place Chris Carson 1965 Variant Velvet Green
3rd Place Clay Poole 1964 notch white
16. Thing – Stock
1st Place Jason/crystal Sullins 1974 Thing Orange
2nd Place John Copen 1973 Thing Blue
3rd Place Cindy Breeden 1973 Thing Orange
17. Thing – Custom
1st Place Jason Brissel 1973 Thing Dark Green
2nd Place Julie Iles 1974 VW Thing Red
3rd Place Misty Rini 73 Thing 181 Minty green
18. Karmann Ghia Coupe – Stock
1st Place Larry Aultman 1974 Karmann Giha Red
2nd Place Cindy Breeden 1972 Karmann Ghia Coupe Blood orange
3rd Place Deannah McAvoy 1969 Karmann Ghia Blue with white top
19. Karmann Ghia Convertible – Stock
1st Place Nelson Young 1969 Karmann Ghia Red
2nd Place Jack Denton 1968 Karmann Ghia Convertible white
20. Karmann Ghia – Custom
1st Place Les Harrison 1963 Karmann Ghia Convertible Black
2nd Place Eric Leclaire 67 Ghia Convertible custom
3rd Place David Strickland 1971 Kharman Ghia Teal
21. Rail Buggy – Street
1st Place Michael Pool 2018 Rail Buggy Neon Green
2nd Place Pete Hardy 1972 RAILBUGGY BLUE
3rd Place Kathy Haun 1964 Rail buggy Blue
22. Rail Buggy – Off-Road
1st Place Kenneth Thacker 1969 Vw rail buggy Orange
2nd Place Jeremy Gortney 1972 VW RAILBUGGY RED
3rd Place Eric Bowman 1968 Rail Blue
23. Baja & Off-Road
1st Place Jeremy Edwards 1965 Beetle/Baja Blue
2nd Place Rick & Patricia Rivers 1971 Baja Bug Blue
3rd Place Floyd Dixon 1971 Baja Green and black
24. Dune Buggies
1st Place Rick Swafford 1968 Meyers Manx Orange Flake
2nd Place Stefan Schutte 1964 Dune buggy blue
3rd Place Lee Pryor 1972 buggy red
25. Trikes
1st Place Troy Hixson 1969 Beetle Black
26. Beaters
1st Place Cody Pennington 1976 Beetle Mostly green
2nd Place Denise Lansford 1969 Beetle Rust
3rd Place John Oneal 1965 Type 1 beetle Green
27. Hood Rides
1st Place Anthony Tarrence 1967 beetle Patina
2nd Place Kirk Wilburn 1960 Beetle Black and red
3rd Place Patrick McGuire 1966 Beetle Sea blue
28. Volks Rods
1st Place Linda & Alton Odum 1958 Blue
2nd Place Bubba Roberts 59 Beetle Black and Green
3rd Place Travis Jarrett 1973 Beetle Black
29. Special Interest
1st Place Kale Carter 72 Go Kart White
2nd Place Robert Huffer 2018 VW Bus Go-Kart Blue and White
3rd Place Larry Melton 1973 Homemade Grey
30. Kit Cars
1st Place Rob Raulerson 1978 Puma gte Rosso Corsa Ferrari red
2nd Place Cary Garrett 1957 Porsche 356 replica Red
3rd Place Tony Sanderson 1982 LondonRroadster Brown/Beige
31. Radical Custom
1st Place Gregoire Blachon 2007 Boxeer bug prototype White green
32. New Beetle
1st Place James Hartline 1998 Vw beetle Red
2nd Place Ellen Tunstall 2008 New Beetle Convertible Yellow
3rd Place Rick Conner 2008 New Beetle SE convertible Red
33. Mk1-Mk2 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Dean Eidel 1981 Caddy Green
2nd Place Mikel Palmer 1986 GTI Black
3rd Place Money Eberhardt 83 Rabbit Convertible Triple White
34. Mk3-Mk4 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place David Mann 2004 R32 Black
2nd Place Mohammad Hindawash 2003 20th GTI Black Magic Pearl
3rd Place Elizabeth Nelms 2002 Cabrio Green
35. Mk5-Mk6 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Roy Cowan 2013 VW GTI Grey
2nd Place Steve Marr 2008 R32 Blue
3rd Place Kimberly Buchanan 2012 Golf Teal and white
36. Corrado/Scirocco
1st Place Brian Stewart 1987 Scirocco GTX Tornado Red
2nd Place Christopher Klanica 1988 Scirocco Red
3rd Place Robert Uiterwyk 1982 Volkswagen Scirocco Red
37. Passat
1st Place David Mitchell 2018 Passat GT Gray
2nd Place Pat Sills 2014 Passat Opera Red
3rd Place Zachary Johnson 2007 Passat Black
38. Vanagon/Eurovan
1st Place Craig Smith 1985 Vanagon westfalia weekender Nutmeg Rapror liner
2nd Place Kyle Gonzalez 1981 Vanagon Westfalia Assuan Brown
3rd Place Tiffany Eberhardt 1985 Vanagon Nevada Beige
39. Current Production
1st Place Tony Ortiz 2013 Beetle Red
2nd Place Brandon Loveland 2015 GTI Tornado Red
3rd Place Brian Burger 2017 Sportwagen MK7 Golf 4 motion White
Best Paint – Air-Cooled
Brian and Amanda Koontz 1969 Volkswagen Type II Bus Multi-colored
Best Paint – Water-Cooled
Dean Eidel 1981 Caddy Green
Best Interior – Air-Cooled
David Carr 1958 Euro bug Pearl white
Best Interior – Water-Cooled
Dean Eidel 1981 Caddy Green
Best Engine – Air-Cooled
Les Harrison 1963 Karmann Ghia Convertible Black
Best Engine – Water-Cooled
Dean Eidel 1981 Caddy Green
Best of Show – Air-Cooled
James Steele 1964 VW Doublecab Mango Green
Best of Show – Water-Cooled
Dean Eidel 1981 Caddy Green
Best Show Car Display
Kierstyn Viola 1974 Bus Multicolor
Best Camp Site
Kale Carter Camper with fireplace, record player, and built-in bar
Best Sound System
Mark Phillips
Engine Sound Off (Air-Cooled)
Sam Bunker 1967 Beetle Yellow
Engine Sound Off (Water-Cooled)
Jamie Loven Rabbit Truck
Oldest VW in Attendance
Labron Holland 1951 bug yellow
Longest Distance Award
Linda Alcon Over 1200 miles from Kentucky to Florida to Bug-a-Palüza
“It’s Your Coal Truck” (David Johnston Memorial Award)
Denise Lansford 1969 Beetle Rust, decorated with chalk by Bug-a-Palüza attendees
Ladies’ Choice
Beverly Ogle 1969 VW Westfalia Multi
Club Participation Award
Knox Volks Motor Club
Engine Giveaway
Mike Waters
Air Conditioner Giveaway
Kenneth Robinson