Bug-a-Palüza 2024 Results!

Congratulations to all our winners! If you were not present to claim your trophy, please contact us to make arrangements. Trophies and prizes unclaimed over 90 days will be forfeited.

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1. Beetle Early – Stock 1949-1957
1st Place Bobby Morgan 1957 Beetle ragtop Coral Red
2nd Place Ed Beard 1950 1950 Standard Gray
3rd Place Michael Turner 1957 type1 coral red
2. Beetle Early – Custom 1949-1957
1st Place Ron Hillman 1956 Beetle Velvet Green
2nd Place Marlon Smith 1956 Vw oval ragtop bug Diamond Blue Metallic
3rd Place Scott Hopkins 1956 Beetle Black
3. Beetle Mid – Stock 1958-1967
1st Place Dave Binnix 1966 Beatle Jade Green
2nd Place Carl Pope 1963 Bettle Gray
3rd Place Stephen Sorrells 1958 VW Beetle Sedan Coral Red
4. Beetle Mid – Custom 1958-1967
1st Place Blake Parson 1960 Beetle Blue
2nd Place Curtis Barnes 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Blue
3rd Place Wes Stewart 1966 Beetle Candy Brandy Wine
5. Beetle Late – Stock 1968-1979
1st Place Tammy Copeland 1973 Beetle White
2nd Place Tony Ortiz 1973 Beetle Light blue
3rd Place Hannah Morton 1968 Volkswagen Beetle Blue/White
6. Beetle Late – Custom 1968-1979
1st Place Elizabeth Vradenburg 1968 Type 1 Beetle Black
2nd Place David Yokeley 1969 Beetle Blue
3rd Place Ben Schutte 1970 Beetle Green
7. Super Beetle – Stock
1st Place Corey Litchfield 1973 Vw super beetle Yellow
2nd Place Stacy Beeler 1971 Super Beetle Chrome Yellow
3rd Place James Stansberry 1972 Super beetle Green
8. Super Beetle – Custom
1st Place Patrick Turner 1975 Super Beetle Red
2nd Place Ramon Amador 1972 Super beetle Balck and orange
3rd Place Andrew Womac 1971 Beetle Green
9. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles – Stock
1st Place Alisdair Kinloch 1970 VW Convertible Beetle White
2nd Place Bill Snider 1979 Super Beetle Epilogue Convertible Black
3rd Place David Haislop 1973 Convertible Yellow
10. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles – Custom
1st Place Tom Wilson 1971 SB Beetle Convertible red—black top
2nd Place Shelli James 1971 Super Beetle Convertible Red with Black Top
3rd Place Tim Lovvorn 1968 Vw Convertible Blue
11. Type II Campers
1st Place Astol Rodriguez 1970 Westie
2nd Place Sidnei Hartof 1971 Vw bus westfalia pearl with red roof
3rd Place Lukas Howlett 1973 Westy Orange
12. Type II Transporter & Truck Early
1st Place James Steele 1964 Double Cab Mango Green
2nd Place Matthew McBride 1964 split window bus mouse grey
3rd Place John Sanders 1967 MicroDeluxe Bus White/Red
13. Type II Transporter & Truck Late
1st Place Paula Knuckles 1978 transporter
2nd Place Robert Givler 1968 Double Cab
3rd Place Jorge Picazo 1967 BUS TAN AND ORANGE
14. Type II – Custom
1st Place Mark O’steen 1967 Volkswagen Bus 21 Window Mouse gray / White
2nd Place Brandon + Lindy Berg 1964 VW Double Cab Turkis Green
3rd Place Elias Hernández 1980 Combi vw Green
15. Type III & Type IV – Stock and Custom
1st Place Chris Carson 1965 Variant Velvet Green
2nd Place James Hartline 1964 Notchback Red
3rd Place Vance Stewart 1969 VW Variant (Squareback) Imperial Blue Metallic
16. Thing – Stock
1st Place Oramae Layton 1973 VW Thing White
2nd Place Ron Smith 1974 Thing Blue
3rd Place Cindy Breeden 1973 Thing Orange
17. Thing – Custom
1st Place Julie Iles 1974 Custom Thing Red
18. Karmann Ghia Coupe – Stock
1st Place Sam Suddarth 1964 Karmann Ghia Blue w/white top
2nd Place Cindy Breeden 1972 Karmann Ghia Coupe Blood orange
3rd Place Linhares Family 1968 Karmann Ghia L554 Cherry Red
19. Karmann Ghia Convertible – Stock
1st Place Jack Denton 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia white
2nd Place Donna Sharp 1962 Karma Ghia Blue
20. Karmann Ghia – Custom
1st Place Les Harrison 1063 Karmann Ghia Convertible Black
2nd Place Bruce Johnson 1967 Karmann Ghia Orange/Yellow
3rd Place Daniel Maldonado 1961 Karmann Ghia Convertible Blue
21. Rail Buggy – Street
1st Place Axel Ortiz 1969 Railbuggy Green
2nd Place Hunter Bradford 72 Dune buggy Purple
3rd Place Mac McDonald 1967 Karmann ghia Black and red
22. Rail Buggy – Off-Road
1st Place John Critchfield 85 type 183
2nd Place Eric Bowman 1973 Volkswagen Beetle l White, Yellow, Black
23. Baja & Off-Road
1st Place Jeremy Edwards 1965 Baja Beetle Grabber Blue
2nd Place Jeff Johnson 1970 Vw bettel baja White ,yellow,orange,red,black
3rd Place Joe Middleton 1973 Volkswagen Beetle Red
24. Dune Buggies
1st Place Allie Oliver 1965 Allison Daytona Red/white
2nd Place Mike Blount 1970 EMPI imp Tye dye
3rd Place Daryl Matthews 1970 Dune buggie Green
26. Beaters
1st Place Terry Tidwell 66 Bug Light blue/ rust
2nd Place Sharon Lynn Duble 1973 VW SuperBeetle Orange
3rd Place Eric Williams 1972 Beetle Green
27. Hood Rides
1st Place Bobby Roberts 1969 Beetle Patina
2nd Place Toccoa Lawson 1965 Type White
3rd Place Tony Callahan 1965 Beetle Patina
28. Volks Rods
1st Place Darrell Apple 1974 bug Black
2nd Place Stacy Rinehart 1964 volksrod pickup black
3rd Place Charles Jones 1972 Beetle Green
29. Special Interest
1st Place Robert T Knupp 1970 Type 1 Police Car Fir Green and Traffic White
2nd Place Robert Jenkins 1965 Beetle White
3rd Place Sheri Snider 1995 Porsche 911 / 993 Cabriolet White
30. Kit Cars
1st Place Cary Garrett 1957 Porsche 356 replica Red
2nd Place Bruce Favaloro 1953 Mg td kit White
31. Radical Custom
1st Place Rodney Culp 1967 Beetle Hot Pink
2nd Place Christopher Allen 1971 Volkswagen Black
3rd Place Bailey Hannah 1969 Beetle Blue
32. New Beetle
1st Place Roxanne Hillman 2017 Beetle Dune Convertible White
2nd Place Jon Goldsmith 2012 2012 Turbo Launch Edition Black
3rd Place Adam Veatch 2019 Volkswagen Beetle Haberno Orange
33. Mk1-Mk2 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Chloe Johnson 1989 Cabriolet White
2nd Place Bart Hammock 1981 Rabbit Pickup Blue
3rd Place Alfredo Gomezcana 1985 VW Atlantic black and white
34. Mk3-Mk4 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Jonathan Hart 2004 Jetta GLI Platinum Gray
2nd Place Luis Sanchez 2004 Vw Jetta Gil Blue
3rd Place Jonathan Guerrero 2002 Cabrio Blue
35. Mk5-Mk6 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
1st Place Richard Rabbett 2007 Jetta Yellow
2nd Place John Knight 07 Jetta
3rd Place Travis Kent 2008 GTI Black
36. Corrado/Scirocco
1st Place Brian Stewart 1987 Scirocco GTX Tornado Red
2nd Place Larry Boehm 1985 Volkwagen Scirocco
3rd Place Josephine Malinowski 1990 Corrado White
37. Passat
1st Place Heiko Vavris 1984 Quantum GL5 deluxe Biscaya blue metallic
38. Vanagon/Eurovan
1st Place Alex Bizzell 1984 Vanagon Creme and Beige
2nd Place Nick Wilson 1991 vanagon syncro westfalia flash silver metallic
3rd Place Justin Court 2001 eurovan silver
Best Paint – Air-Cooled
Astol Rodriguez 1970 Westie
Best Paint – Water-Cooled
Alex Bizzell 1984 Vanagon Creme and Beige
Best Interior – Air-Cooled
Elizabeth Vradenburg 1968 Type 1 Beetle Black
Best Interior – Water-Cooled
Chloe Johnson 1989 Cabriolet White
Best Engine – Air-Cooled
David Yokeley 1969 Beetle Blue
Best Engine – Water-Cooled
Jonathan Hart 2004 Jetta GLI Platinum Gray
Best of Show – Air-Cooled
Astol Rodriguez 1970 Westie
Best of Show – Water-Cooled
Roxanne Hillman 2017 Beetle Dune Convertible White
Best Show Car Display
Axel Ortiz 1969 Railbuggy Green
Best Camp Site
Kale Carter Boat
Best Sound System
Ramon Amador 1972 Super beetle Balck and orange
Engine Sound Off (Air-Cooled)
Noah Voils 1969 Bug Green
Engine Sound Off (Water-Cooled)
Jonathan Hart 2004 Jetta GLI Platinum Gray
Oldest VW in Attendance
Ed Beard 1950 1950 Standard Gray
Longest Distance Award
Juan Rubio 1969 Bettle Red from Stickney, IL
Ladies’ Choice
Mark O’Steen 1967 Volkswagen Bus 21 Window Mouse gray / White
Club Participation Award