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Bug-a-Palüza 17 Show Classes

A vehicle can not be entered into multiple classes. Bug-a-Palüza Staff reserves the right to re-classify a vehicle if it does not meet the criteria for the class in which it was registered. We also reserve the right to create or delete classes as necessary. Judges will attempt to notify owners if re-classification becomes necessary.

Please see definitions and notes for further details on classes. Any questions before you register? Ask us first.

All of our trophies are hand made,
featuring a VW connecting rod mounted to a hand-crafted base.

First, Second and Third place will be awarded in each of the following:

  1. Beetle Early - Stock 1949-1957
  2. Beetle Early - Custom 1949-1957
  3. Beetle Mid - Stock 1958-1967
  4. Beetle Mid - Custom 1958-1967
  5. Beetle Late - Stock 1968-1979
  6. Beetle Late - Custom 1968-1979
  7. Super Beetle - Stock
  8. Super Beetle - Custom
  9. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles - Stock
  10. Beetle & Super Beetle Convertibles - Custom
  11. Type II Campers
  12. Type II Transporter & Truck Early
  13. Type II Transporter & Truck Late
  14. Type II - Custom
  15. Type III & Type IV - Stock and Custom
  16. Thing - Stock
  17. Thing - Custom
  18. Karmann Ghia Coupe - Stock
  19. Karmann Ghia Convertible - Stock
  20. Karmann Ghia - Custom
  21. Air-Cooled Early Daily Driver - 1967 and back
  22. Air-Cooled Late Daily Driver - 1968 and up
  23. Rail Buggy - Street
  24. Rail Buggy - Off-Road
  25. Baja & Off-Road
  26. Dune Buggies
  27. Trikes
  28. Beaters/Hood Rides
  29. Volks Rods/Rat Rods
  30. Special Interest
  31. International
  32. Kit Cars
  33. New Beetle
  34. Mk1-Mk2 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
  35. Mk3-Mk4 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
  36. Mk5-Mk6 Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI
  37. Corrado/Scirocco
  38. Passat
  39. Vanagon/Eurovan
  40. Current Production

"Best Of" Awards

  • Best of Show - Air-Cooled
  • Best of Show - Water-Cooled
  • Best Paint - Air-Cooled
  • Best Paint - Water-Cooled
  • Best Interior - Air-Cooled
  • Best Interior - Water-Cooled
  • Best Engine - Air-Cooled
  • Best Engine - Water-Cooled
  • Best Show Car Display
  • Best Camp Site
  • Best Sound System

Special Awards

  • Engine Sound Off (air-cooled)
  • Engine Sound Off (water-cooled)
  • Survivor Award
  • Oldest VW in Attendance
  • Longest Distance Award
  • You Drove THAT From WHERE? (Daniel Helton Spirit Award)
  • "It's Your Coal Truck" (David Johnston Memorial Award)
  • Roughest VW Running
  • Ladies' Choice
  • Club Participation Award

Definitions and Notes

Early - 1949 - 1957

Mid - 1958 - 1967

Late - 1968 to 1979

Stock - For the most part, the vehicle is basically as it left the factory (Restorations OK). No body modifications. Any replacement parts should have a stock appearance. Vehicle may have mild custom modifications as listed below.

  • Paint and Body - Does not have to be the original color, but must not distract from a stock appearance (Maximum 2 colors, no heavy metallics, flames, etc.). Must have original style trim and bumpers.
  • Wheels/Tires - Common styles of aftermarket wheels OK as long as tires remain near stock size. Very slight lowering allowed.
  • Interior - Must have stock style seat covers, door panels, dash. Aftermarket stereo system allowed (as long as it does not distract from an otherwise stock appearance).
  • Engine - Stock to very slightly modified. Dual carbs, common styles of aftermarket exhaust systems OK.

Custom - Anything that doesn't fit in a stock class.

Mk1 - Any first-generation body style Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI, typically produced from 1974 to 1984. (Years may vary based on model)

Mk2 - Any second-generation body style Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI, typically produced from 1984 to 1992. (Years may vary based on model)

Mk3 - Any third-generation body style Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI, typically produced from 1992-1999. (Years may vary based on model)

Mk4 - Any fourth-generation body style Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI, typically produced from 1999-2005. (Years may vary based on model)

Mk5 - Any fifth-generation body style Jetta/Golf/Rabbit/GTI, typically produced from 2005-2010. (Years may vary based on model)

Passat - Any generation Passat sedan or wagon B1-B7 and the CC. Includes Dashers and Quantums too. North American built Passats 2012 and newer will compete in Current Production.

Type II - All Buses, Micro-Buses, Transporters, Trucks, Single Cabs, Double Cabs, etc. All Vanagons (air-cooled and water-cooled) will be judged in the Vanagon/Eurovan class.

Daily Driver - Must be the owner's main source of daily transportation and MUST be driven to the show! A Daily Driver may be entered into the appropriate show class instead.

Rail Buggy - Off-Road - Rail Buggies that show signs of use and/or abuse! Buggies that have obviously never seen mud will be reclassed.

Rail Buggy - Street - Rail Buggies that are built to show and have seen little (if any) off-road action.

Baja and Off-Road - Mostly Beetles, but any VW (except rail buggies) could fit if it has been modified to go off-road (raised suspensions, body lift kits, oversized tires, chopped fenders, etc.).

Dune Buggies - Must have fiberglass body.

Kit Cars - Vehicles built from kits on a stock or modified VW Chassis (except Rails and Dune Buggies)

Trikes - Any three-wheeled VW based vehicle.

Special Interest - Tractors, Air Compressors, Lawnmowers, etc. Anything "partially" VW

International Class - All Years, Air or Water Cooled. VWs not built for the US Market including, but not limited to Mexican Beetles, Fridolins, Isis, etc. Excludes Notchbacks and Type 3 Ghias (they will be judged in the Type 3 class).

Current Production - Covers Mk6 Jettas and Golfs/GTIs, along with any current body style VW. 2012-2014 Beetles and Passats will also compete in this category.

Engine Sound Off - Loudest engine determined by dB reading.

Survivor Award - Goes to the oldest unrestored VW in attendance. Original dealer paperwork, photos, documentation of original owners, etc. are a plus.

Oldest VW in Attendance - Oldest registered show car. Serial numbers will be compared if necessary.

Longest Distance Award - To the person or persons who travelled furthest to get to the show.

You Drove THAT from WHERE? - Not necessarily the furthest, but possibly the craziest. In honor of Daniel Helton, who drove a rail buggy to the show from Mobile, AL on the interstate with no windshield.

"It's Your Coal Truck" - In honor of David Johnston aka The Godfather, who passed away last year. The type of car that makes our judges collectively shake their heads in disbelief.

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